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Dr. Chris Spellmon is a native Houstonian born in Fifth Ward Texas.  He attended key middle school Kashmere High School and graduated with honors receiving a scholarship to the University of North Texas. He is the proud son of TJ and Juanita Compton and brother of Samuel Compton of Mount Canaan Baptist Church.   

 Dr. Chris is a dynamic businessman with extensive experience and exceptional success in training, planning, developing and executing strategic and tactical finance initiatives that drive top-line performance and bottom line results.   His vast 25 yr experience includes both private and nonprofit sectors, social and political arenas as a CEO, CFO, COO, and Commercial Construction Director/Consultant/Staff Developer. He has spearheaded fortune 500 companies to increased visibility & profitability.

 Chris’ diverse experience in corporate America includes Armco Steel Co, Lomas & Nettleton Mortgage Banking, Empire of America FSB, McIntosh & Associates, Ambassadors CDC, Leading by Design, SuperMedia, Verizon, Adore Marketing, GLN Financial Services, The Urban League of Greater North Texas, Coldwell Banker Real Estate & Primerica Financial Services.

 He consistently develops bold, innovative business strategies that produce extraordinary results in growth, revenue, operational performance, profitability and value. He is extremely versatile in motivating and empowering staff to perform at their highest levels of success. He is an outstanding role model, talented team builder, mentor, coach and leader.  Chris’ experience in both public and private industry adds exceptional insight, ideas and innovation to teams overall effectiveness.  Dr. Chris’ forte is “RESULTS”.


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